Hello, I'm Shetani the king cheetah! I've been an active member of the furry fandom since 2012, and fursuiting since 2014!

Here is my character reference, and this is what my fursuit looks like! If you take photos or video of me at a convention, please tag me on social media (see Links) or send them to me directly via the email below.

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2019 cons finished, see you in 2020!

I began calling myself part of the furry fandom in 2012, though I had been following it for nearly a decade prior. A new friend finally convinced me to give in and make a fursona, and thus Shetani was born!

Shetani is a shy and nerdy yet passionate cheetah who loves tea, video games, fandoms, and cats.
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My fursuit was custom-made by MagpieBones in 2014. It is a use-your-own-eyes style fursuit that, as the name suggests, utilizes the wearer's actual eyes instead of fake eyes or mesh view ports. This gives me unparalleled field of vision and ventilation while allowing me to wear my prescription eyeglasses. While there are quite a few UYOE fursuits out there, a special feature of my personal fursuit is that it also uses my own hair.
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To learn more about how my fursuit works and why I chose this style, check out this video.

Photo by Dragonscales || Photo by Kyle Hicks

My YouTube channel features lots of videos, including convention highlights, fursuit Pusheen Box unboxings, and my newest series - Cheetah Chat!

I attend at least one furry convention every year, and try to go to as many other cons as time and budget allows. Photos from my con trips can be found on my Weasyl and Facebook. If you see me at a con, don’t be afraid to say hi - I need to make more furry friends! Please please please tag or send me any photos of me that you take, so I can remember the memories we shared!

I am most active on Twitter and Instagram, and use Weasyl for art, personal suit photos, and general fandom networking.

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You can read Shetani's backstory here.
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Art by Lynxurious || Art by Narcotic-Sprinkles

Shetani is an adult king cheetah who lives with her partner, a rat named Mika, and their pet kitten. She's usually shy and withdrawn, and can be childish at times. Shetani tries her best to maintain a positive outlook and attitude despite the many hardships life throws at her. Social situations make her nervous, and rather than a large social network, she has a handful of close friends who she trusts deeply. At a gathering, she's most likely to be found hovering timidly near the refreshments, observing the host's reading material, or gushing over any pets present. Once one gets to know her better, Shetani's initial demure and polite demeanor gives way to reveal a quick wit and unexpectedly sarcastic sense of humor.

Art by cellikeseggs || Art by AlwaysRedArt

Shetani finds that the "nerdy" label fits her quite comfortably. Her hobbies include reading, cosplaying, playing video games, listening to My Chemical Romance, and caring for animals - she particularly loves cats! She dabbles in baking and cooking, but worries about what others think of her creations, despite an overwhelmingly supportive response. She also has a bit of a hoarding personality, and has amassed quite a large collection of Lion King merchandise. Nothing helps her wind down after a long day at work like some games or internet time and a nice hot cup of tea, followed by a bath bomb in the tub.

Art by Malreau || Art by iepure.alb

Shetani's fashion sense is all about casual comfort. Her warm weather wardrobe consists of graphic t-shirts that depict her interests, along with shorts, sometimes pairing the latter with cute tights. In colder weather, she likes keeping warm in a big knit sweater and jeans or patterned leggings - or just knee socks if she's staying at home. She's extremely proud of her long wavy hair, and will sometimes dye it bright colors in the summertime for extra flair. Non-retractile claws make most footwear uncomfortable, so she doesn't wear shoes or boots unless the weather is inclement (or she's cosplaying). Though she rarely attends formal events, she can be spotted on such occasions in a modest formal dress, sometimes with her hair pulled back or braided for a change. She sleeps in matching pajama sets or a nightgown, and wears a one-piece bathing suit for swimming.

Silver cheetah head w/black crown on gold/purple diag. stripes

The flag of Jubatajan. Art by CroccoStyle.

Shetani is the only child of a cheetah father and a domestic cat mother. Her father, a spiritual man, was overjoyed upon seeing his daughter's blotchy fur. According to beliefs, the king cheetah fur pattern was a trait that had been passed down among the females of his family, and indicated that their family's lineage could be traced back to the First Cheetah herself. The splotchy-spotted and striped coat appeared only once a generation and heralded extrasensory powers in its bearer, including prophetic dreams.

Young Shetani in overalls, lying on her belly and reading a book

A young Shetani lost in her favorite book. Art by Skelisteri.

Little Shetani was a shy cub, but very intelligent with a thirst for knowledge. When she was about six years old, her father received news from back home that one of his sisters had given birth to a king-patterned daughter. This came as quite a shock for Shetani's father, who urged his young cub to try and "fulfill her potential," but it quickly became apparent that this cousin of Shetani's had received the blessing, and Shetani herself carried nothing more than a distinctly patterned coat. Instead, she threw herself headlong into her studies in an attempt to please her father, and while there was no resentment between them, Shetani always felt that he was disappointed in her for not living up to his expectations.

Shetani sitting with a book in her lap

Shetani studying. Art by Seasaidh.

Aside from that, Shetani's youth was happy and uneventful. She flourished academically - always coming in top of her class - and though not "popular" in the traditional sense, she had a close-knit group of friends about her and was never treated unfairly by her peers. When not studying, she took pleasure in reading and learning more about nature and animals. As a teenager, she got into the occasional spat with her mother, but kept her grades up and stayed out of trouble (preferring to listen to music or play video games than go out on the town).

After high school, Shetani pursued higher education with her sights set on the field of zoology, and those who knew her had nothing but the highest expectations. However, her plans ground to a halt when her mother fell seriously ill. A devastated Shetani dropped out of school and returned home to help her father care for her ailing mother. She took a receptionist job at a reproductive health clinic to help with the bills, where she met her partner, a rat named Mika. Shetani reconnected with her hometown friends, who introduced her to the world of fandoms and cosplaying. Escaping into the fantasy worlds she loved and attending conventions with her friends and partner helped Shetani cope with the stress of her home life.

Shetani and Mika cuddling on a couch while their cat sleeps

Shetani, Mika, and their kitten. Art by Rowan00.

After Shetani's mother passed away, her father returned to his home country to be with his family. Shetani moved with Mika into a place of their own, with a pet kitten making three. Eschewing any lofty aspirations, she is content with a life that allows her to pursue her hobbies and be with the people she cares about - as long as she gets a little vacation now and then!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did you find the furry fandom?
A: I've loved animals since I was a child, so it was a natural progression from there. Growing up, I was enamored with films, cartoons, and books that featured animal characters. In the early 2000s, I discovered fanart of The Lion King on DeviantArt and other sites, and from there I came across anthropomorphic art. I learned quickly that furries were mocked and looked down upon by the majority of the internet, and later, the world at large. While I still consumed art and kept up-to-date with the community, I did so in secret and took great pains to never label or associate myself with furries. It wasn't until a heartfelt conversation with a college classmate decades later that I realized being a furry wasn't anything to be ashamed of. I started dating another furry around that time, who convinced me to finally bring Shetani to life.
In ▶️Cheetah Chat #2, I further discuss my discovery of the fandom and what it means to be a furry.

Q: Your fursona is so cute! How did you come up with her?
A: She's really just myself as my favorite animal! I've loved cheetahs since I was young, and as an adult, I find myself relating a lot to them. I chose a king cheetah in particular because Shetani doesn't have any unnatural markings or coloring, and I wanted her to stand out a bit more. Her physical appearance, personality, interests, and wardrobe are all reflections of myself, so compliments and positive comments are twice as meaningful to me! Her name is a semi-obscure reference to my favorite movie franchise.
I talk more about the thought behind Shetani's design in ▶️Cheetah Chat #1.

Q: Do you roleplay?
A: No, sorry! I used to RP when I was younger, but I have no interest in it anymore. If you want me to RP with you, you will have to pay me!

Q: Who made your fursuit?
A: My fursuit was made by the lovely MagpieBones.

Q: Why doesn't your fursuit have eyes?
A: It does - they are my own eyes. :) MagpieBones's fursuits are intended to be blended with the wearer's actual eyes using makeup to create a seamless, realistic effect. It works best when the fursuit is a darker color.

Q: Is that your real hair coming out of the suit head?
A: Yes! By request, my fursuit uses my own hair in addition to my own eyes. Sometimes I trim it or dye it different colors, but it's always my actual hair.

Q: What made you choose this style of fursuit?
A: I went with a MagpieBones fursuit for several reasons, including realism, aesthetic, and practicality. My fursona wears glasses and has long hair just like me. Hiding my glasses and hair under a fursuit head and attaching false versions of both would be redundant, not to mention unsightly and high-maintenance. I had dealt with hiding my hair under wigs for years when I cosplayed, and it was an uncomfortable, cumbersome experience that I didn't want to go through again with my fursuit. After a ton of research, I decided on MagpieBones for her specialized experience, ability to work with my unique requirements, and creative vision that aligned with my own. This kind of fursuit is not for everyone, but it suits my needs perfectly (pun intended).
I speak at length about my fursuit and why I chose it in ▶️Cheetah Chat #5.

Q: Will you do a suiting up video or face reveal? Can you show how your fursuit works?
A: No, I prefer to avoid depicting myself out of suit. If you look at MagpieBones's gallery, there are many photos of fursuit heads (including Shetani's!) on mannequins, which should give you a good idea of how they are put on. There are some suiting up videos on YouTube from other MagpieBones suiters, though you will not be seeing one from me anytime soon.

Q: Why don't you do something different with your (hairstyle, eye makeup, clothing, glasses, etc.)? I, Internet Stranger #456, would like your fursuit a lot better if you did that.
A: Before you make such a comment, ask yourself - would you make the same suggestion to any other fursuiter? Say, a toony suiter, or someone who looks more... normal?
I appreciate the sentiment, and I understand that you most likely mean well, but I like my fursuit the way it is! I fursuit to make myself happy, not appeal to the masses, and I'm not seeking to change my suit for public approval. Though I do read every comment and message I receive, I really don't care about the unsolicited opinions of strangers. If I wanted a fursuit that looked mainstream, I would have bought one of those in the first place. Keep in mind that this is my personal fursuit, many of its features were designed with a specific intent, and I don't necessarily need to disclose or justify that to everyone.

Q: "Cat eye" contact lenses would look so cool with your fursuit, why don't you try them?
A: Cheetahs have round pupils (like a human's), not slitted, so "cat eye" contacts would be inaccurate.
Shetani's eyes are the same color as my own - contacts aren't needed to get the right color.
Finally, I'm physically unable to wear contact lenses, hence the necessity of my eyeglasses, and (one of the reasons) why I selected MagpieBones to be my fursuit maker.

Q: Why don't you wear your hair some other way?
A: This is the hairstyle I've chosen for my character. You wouldn't ask an artist to draw different hair on their fursona, or suggest that a toony fursuiter put a wig on their fursuit, so please don't make the same demands of me.

Q: Would you recommend I get a use-your-own-eyes fursuit?
A: UYOE suits, and the work of MagpieBones in particular, are definitely a style that will appeal to a niche subset of people. You must have a certain measure of fearlessness to wear a fursuit like this. In all cases, when considering a fursuit, you must think carefully about what goals you want to accomplish with your suiting, the way you wish to be perceived by others, and how prepared you are to deal with the limitations and quirks that come with it.
This is not the right fursuit for someone who:
-- has a cutesy character and wants to appear approachable and endearing to everyone they meet (e.g. working with kids, charity volunteering)
-- is very shy and seeks to hide their true self when fursuiting
-- wants a fursuit for popularity
-- is easily upset when on the receiving end of criticism, rudeness, or negativity

Q: Can I draw you fanart?
A: I'd be honored! Here is Shetani's Refsheet.
I upload all art I get to my Toyhouse gallery.
Hit me up if you're on Instagram and I'll add your art to my fanart highlight!

Q: Will you make a video about (insert topic here)?
A: I love to hear about what interests you folks, and I am always taking suggestions for future Cheetah Chat episodes! I will consider all requests as long I have some amount of knowledge or experience on the subject. For example, I wouldn't be able to discuss how to make a fursuit, or what the furry fandom was like in the '80s. If a particular topic is repeatedly requested, I might get a special guest in that field or demographic to come on for an episode.
(Psst- if you want to choose what topics I talk about next, check out my Patreon!)

Q: Can I interview you for a documentary, podcast, school project, etc.?
A: I have been interviewed for a few different productions, as well as doing script consultation work for films pertaining to the furry fandom. Contact me via the email listed near the bottom of this page to discuss your project further.

Q: How can I help support you?
A: If you're financially able to donate, I have an online tip jar on Ko-Fi as well as a Patreon page. Your generosity will be rewarded with incentives for donating, and there's a little something for everyone!
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